Ultimate Athlete

Have pain during or after exercise? Have you quit exercising because you feel worst afterwards? Are you an athlete who has nagging injuries? Not as fast as you used to be? Can’t throw like you used to?

Ultimate Athlete is where serious athletes come for game changing sports performance movement correction and symmetry development. 24 years in the making, and developed by a Sports Physical Therapist/Movement Correction Specialist. Our assessment and methods are unique and effective. We are not your typical sports training program, and we do not want to train you. WE LEAVE THE TRAINING TO THE EXPERTS. What we do, is screen athletes to identify imbalances and asymmetries in the body that cause abnormal or compensated movement (your body learns to work around these problem areas). We then develop a program to help you correct those imbalances (your program may include hands-on corrections, self trigger massage, “you-specific” stretching, and some basic strengthening) . The goal is simply to make your training more efficient. We believe that you should be getting “strong straight” not “strong crooked” (getting strong crooked will cause pain, injury, inefficiency, and poor performance). We will work with your training professional, not against them, to create a true sports performance team. Give us a call to come see what may be holding you back. If you are a sports training professional, we would love to meet with you (you may be losing clients due to issues that can be corrected).

330-424-9033 or 330-868-4362 to schedule your courtesy consultation.

Facilities who would like to discuss adding our service to what you already do, please call 330-277-6543.

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